Hugh Jackman returns to talk about skin cancer: “I did two biopsies, protect yourself”

“I just had two biopsies because my doctor noticed something, it could be basal cells. I will have the results within two or three days, as soon as I know I will let you know”. Hugh Jackman returns to talk about skin health with a video on Instagram. A theme that the actor has addressed many times over the years, since four tumors were removed in 2013, inviting everyone to protect themselves and carry out the necessary checks.

“I will continue to talk about my cancers”

Alongside the video, Hugh Jackman writes: “I know you’ve heard me talk about my basal cancers before. I will continue to talk about them if necessary. And if this message of mine can remind just one person to wear sunscreen with a high SPF, then I’m happy.” Then in the video he explains that he shared it “before anyone notices me around the street”, in reference to the plaster that the actor has on the tip of his nose.

“Be careful, put on protection”

The star of Wolverine then he launches a new appeal for caution: “Of all types of skin cancer it is the least dangerous. Summer is coming here in the northern hemisphere. Please put on sunscreen. It’s not worth not putting it on, this is all stuff that happened 25 years ago that’s coming out now.” And he concludes: “Put the protection on, you’ll still have fun outdoors. Please protect yourself.”