Hugh Jackman: ‘Wolverine’s growling damaged my voice’

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Hugh Jackman, for lovers of the genre, is now identified with Wolverine. However, behind a global success like this, unpleasant and little-known stories are often hidden, such as the one that the actor wanted to make public and which concerns his voice. Many think that much of what is seen in films such as those starring superheroes or fantastic characters is the result of special effects. However, Hugh Jackman has revealed that Wolverine’s yell, which has become iconic and character identifier, caused damage to his voice.

The accident on the set for Hugh Jackman

There is no doubt that this role has given Hugh Jackman great satisfaction, but, in the face of this, it has also taken a lot from the actor, considering that much of his work is based on the voice. The story was donated to the BBC’s Front Row program, where the interpreter of the Marvel mutant made his misadventure known: “My falsetto isn’t as strong as it used to be and I really think it’s because of all that growling and screaming. My voice teacher in drama school would be horrified at some of the things I did as Wolverine. In school we learned a technique for yelling without spoiling the voice. But playing Wolverine I yelled in a way that I think damaged my voice.”

The damage sustained by Hugh Jackman

It is still unclear if Hugh Jackman’s voice suffered permanent damage or if it was something transient. Meanwhile, the actor is working on his voice in an attempt to recover what was ruined. “I’m working on it. I’m working with a singing teacher and trying not to get hurt. I commit myself both physically and in the preparation of the voice for each role”, explained Jackman, who will soon be the protagonist again in a new episode of the saga with Deadpool 3. Together with him we will also find Ryan Reynolds in the role of Deadpool, while in direction we will find Shawn Levy. Hugh Jackman is not the only actor who has reported problems of this type over time, precisely as a result of the wear and tear of his voice.