Humane and the gaffes of artificial intelligence in the device of the future

The company, founded by former Apple, was forced to correct the presentation video of AI Pin, the device that promises to replace smartphones

Humane, the company founded by former Apple employees, made several mistakes during the presentation of AI Pin, its wearable device based completely on artificial intelligence. So much so that the video in question, despite presenting a product that has made headlines for its innovative energy, has become a clear example on social media of how completely entrusting our lives to virtual assistants is still not an excellent idea. In the video, Humane’s AI made a mistake in indicating the best places to observe the total solar eclipse of April 2024, but a member of the Humane team, Sam Sheffer, reported in the Humane Discord channel that it was a error now solved. Sheffer announced that Humane will update the video on its website. During the video, the smart device committed another gaffe: by pointing the camera at a handful of almonds, it declared a far from plausible amount of calories. Sheffer explained that Pin was indicating the amount of protein per half cup of almonds, which is the “correct” behavior. However, he added that the device’s accuracy “will improve over time.” Meanwhile, pre-orders are about to open: the new wonder object will be pre-purchasable from Wednesday, at $699 all-inclusive, for now only in the USA.