Hunt for Jews in Dagestan, Russia-Ukraine exchange of accusations for “pogrom”

Putin accuses Kiev, Ukraine attacks Moscow

The attack on the airport of Makachkala, in Dagestan, with the hunt for Jewish passengers resembles a pogrom. The definition unites Russia and Ukraine, who exchange accusations of responsibility for the dramatic scenes with the riot and attempted lynching. After clashes between rioters and security forces, 60 people were arrested for the anti-Semitic attack.

“The riots at Makhachkala airport were provoked through social networks, including from the territory of Ukraine and from the hands of Western special services,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said bluntly. The Kremlin number 1 said that Kiev, “under the leadership of Western patrons, is trying to instigate pogroms in Russia”.

“The pogroms with the search for Jews in Dagestan are the result of the methodical work of Russian state propaganda with the rooting of hatred towards other peoples”, Kiev’s position expressed by the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko in a post on Facebook.

“The events in Makhachkala – he said – reflect anti-Semitism deeply rooted in Russian elites and society. The threats to kill Jews are a consequence of the work of Russian state propaganda, which for decades has cultivated a sense of hatred of other peoples. Not long ago, President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov made offensive anti-Semitic statements. The accusations of the Russian Foreign Ministry against Ukraine of involvement in the events in Dagestan are an attempt to shift responsibility from a sore head to a healthy one.”

Nikolenko expressed his deep belief that the international community must respond resolutely to manifestations of racial hatred in Russia and other parts of the world.

Sunday’s attack on the airport of the Russian republic of Dagestan, with a Muslim majority, by a crowd of men hostile to Israel is comparable to a “pogrom”, even according to the White House.

“Some will compare this to the pogroms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and I think that’s probably an apt description given the video that’s been circulating,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, referring to the frequent murderous pogroms against Jews that occurred at that time in the Russian Empire. “This is pure and simple hatred, bigotry and intimidation,” he added.

“You cannot describe what happened in Dagestan, a demonstration of hatred, of intimidation. Some people have compared what happened with progroms and I think that is a good description seeing the videos of what happened. From the Kremlin not no condemnation has arrived” for the assault at the airport, “we have heard absolutely nothing from Putin, not a word of condemnation or a stop to this type of violence. And this silence is worth a thousand words”.