Hurricane Ian hits Florida, millions of people without electricity

The storm hit the coasts of the American peninsula with winds of up to 241 km per hour

Ian, one of the most dangerous hurricanes to hit the United States in recent years, has left millions of people in Florida without electricity and flooded cities. It hit the coasts of the American peninsula in the early afternoon yesterday with winds of up to 241 km per hour. The storm, in addition to submerging cars and pulling trees from the ground, even ripped the roof of a hospital.

Right now the hurricane is sweeping through Florida and has moved into Category 1, after hitting the state’s southwestern coast in Category 4, with torrential winds and rains that caused storm surges and floods. The emergency services still maintain a state of alert, urging citizens in the areas where Ian is passing and stay in cover and be careful. The mayor of Tampa has told citizens not to leave the house all night until this morning.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described Hurricane Ian as “the largest flood” ever seen in Southwest Florida and announced that 7,000 National Guard troops are ready to lead flood relief operations. President Joe Biden will attend a briefing from the Federal Emergency Management Agency this morning.