Hurricane Ian in Florida, a shark spotted swimming in the flooded streets. VIDEO

The inhabitants of the Florida have been facing the violence ofHurricane Ian. The weather event brought with it rain, devastation and floods. But not only that, apparently. In fact, a shark was filmed by an inhabitant of the Fort Myers neighborhood on September 28 and posted on social media. The video garnered more than 12 million views on Twitter in one day, users responded with disbelief and comparisons to the “Sharknado” movie saga.

The myth ofHurricane Shark

Many immediately thought that it was yet another hoax. Many still remember the images of 2017 of one shark apparently swimming on a submerged highwaya photo that was widely circulated when theHurricane Harvey hit Texas. Like all fantastic stories, many have been led to believe theHurricane Shark at the time, which, with a rather suspicious cadence, used to appear on the roads all over the world as soon as a meteorological disaster caused flooding, always collecting many comments and shares.

Associated Press: “the video is authentic”

This time, however, the images taken in Fort Myers are true. This was confirmed by the Associated Press interviewing Dominic Cameratta, a local real estate developer, who confirmed he filmed the clip from his back patio when he saw something “floating” in his neighbor’s flooded yard.

“I didn’t know what it was – it just looked like a fish or something,” he told The Associated Press. “I zoomed in and all my friends said to me, ‘He’s like a shark, man!’ “

According to the man, the animal may have made its way from the nearby Hendry Creek body of water into a retention pond, which then overflowed, spilling the creature into its neighbor’s yard.