Hypersonic hydrogen flights, Spanish government funds Dominus startup

Can you go to the other side of the world in just four hours? Not for now but the aim of the Swiss startup Destinus is to make this goal a reality with an ambitious project of hypersonic aircraft powered by green hydrogen. An idea that the Spanish government has also noticed by developing a collaboration with Destinus, launched through the Ministry of Science, to promote the use of hydrogen in aviation. The website Futuroprossimo.it reports it.

Collaboration with the Spanish government

The partnership between the Spanish government and Dominus consists in the research and development of hydrogen-powered aircraft engines, with the aim of carrying out the first tests within two years, in 2025. Destinus will contribute to the design and iteration of an experimental plant nearby in Madrid, with an initial loan of 12 million euros.

Hypersonic aircraft

The goal of Destinus is to develop hypersonic aircraft for civil aviation, capable of flying at speeds five times greater than that of sound. Thus, a journey from Sydney to Frankfurt, 16,500 kilometres, would take around 4 hours and 15 minutes while a flight from Rome to New York would take less than two hours to reach its destination. The project’s key ingredient is green hydrogen, a fuel three times more energy efficient than that currently used in aircraft. Destinus has been testing its prototype aircraft for the past two years, announcing successful test flights of its second prototype, the Eiger, in late 2022.