“I always hated it”: the unthinkable background revealed by Robbie Williams

The beloved singer Robbie Williams has revealed a truly unthinkable background: “I always hated it”, what he said

Just a teenager and already with a talent in his hands that has destined him to the incredible success he has achieved in all these years of career. Robbie Williams is certainly one of the most popular voices in the international music scene.

Robbie Williams, background (Credits: Instagram)

He was only 16 when he began to spread his wings for the first leaps towards a musical career, but hasn’t stopped since then. It has been some time since, in the 90s, he joined the musical band which then consecrated him as one of the faces and one of the most loved voices in front of the camera. He was for a long time a member of the musical band of Take That. Which, as we recall, undoubtedly stood out in the 90s as one of the successful boy bands of the time. But years after the beginning of his career in the world of music, today Robbie Williams has revealed a truly unexpected background that we never could have thought of.

Robbie Williams, unexpected background: “I always hated it”, what the artist revealed

From unprecedented singing performances, Robbie Williams with his performances he has always conquered and overwhelmed us. His music, starting from the 90s, has achieved a truly sensational success. Despite the contrasts born with the band, choosing to distance himself from the latter and start his solo career around 1996, has certainly not clipped his wings. There are truly countless songs that have opened the doors to success for Robbie Williams. Even today, like the first years of his solo debut, he is a beloved voice.

Years after that successful career, we would add, the singer has thus decided to reveal a background we never would have thought of. Robbie Williams amazed everyone. Well, you should know that ‘Robbie’ is not the artist’s real name. His real name is Robert Peter Williams. Apparently, as revealed by the singer, ‘Robbie’ is the fateful ‘stage name’ chosen by his manager. Although, despite the name, Robbie Williams’ career has been nothing short of spectacular, the singer has badly digested the choice of his manager.

robbie williams behind the scenes
Robbie Williams reveals an incredible background (Credits: Instagram)

I hated it, because it made me look nice, and I had no intention of looking nice. I wanted to be a street kid. I wanted a cooler name and Robbie wasn’t“, The singer revealed, letting it be known how much the choice that his manager had made for him at that moment actually weighed on him: “You will no longer be Robert, but Robbie”, the manager told the singer. A choice that has really gone bad.