"I am not conflictive or showy": Daniella Chávez breaks into TV as a showbiz commentator

Daniella Chavezthe model and influencersis venturing into Chilean television as a panelist on the farándula program “Follow me and I follow you” transmitted by TV+. In an interview with MONthe young woman shared details about her experience and the response she has received from the public.

The model confessed that at first she had certain fears because she does not consider herself conflictive or very showbiz. However, her fresh and cheerful posture has been well received by the show’s staff and viewers.

Even though she’s new to the world of TV show business, Daniella has done quite well on set, even dropping a bombshell about Faloon and Jean Paul Pineda’s relationship. In addition, she hinted that she handles a lot of information from the world of celebrities, although she will always protect those who are part of her close circle.

Chávez explained that he accepted this role as a panelist to experiment and show other facets of his personality. Although he doesn’t need television to continue his activities, he wants to reach a different audience and away from social networks.

As for her experience on the show, the influencer stated that she has felt very welcome and has had a good time on set. She admitted that talking about others on television is complicated when you know everyone in person, but she has managed to handle the situation with professionalism and respect for her colleagues.

In summary, Daniella Chávez is experimenting in the world of television and, although at first she had some insecurities, she has performed naturally and freshly. The model and influencer hopes to reach a wider audience and continue developing her career in different facets of entertainment.