“I apologize for the words I used”: Maria De Filippi loses her temper

Moment of tension during the second episode of Tu si que vales: Maria De Filippi gets really angry, then apologizes.

Also this season of You yes que vales does not seem immune to twists and turns. In the midst of the incredible talents that every year the very popular Saturday night show of Canale 5 offers us, it also happens that some competitors do not enthuse the inflexible judges at all. So far, there can be, you say. Sometimes, however, someone also irritates the jury including the diplomat Maria De Filippi.

Maria De Filippi unexpected reaction (Credits: Witty Tv)

During the debut episode aired on Saturday 17 September, for example, it was an unlikely performance by a certain Francesco Niente that made the blonde presenter break out. On that occasion, his complaints were added to the complaints of Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammuccari and, with the dialectic that has always distinguished it, silenced the failed actor.

Also last Saturday, Maurizio Costanzo’s wife found herself facing a competitor who made her go on a rampage. It was Savior, creator of digitized and allegorical paintings from Civitavecchia. De Filippi had already spoken to the weekly about the episode Todayanticipating what we would have seen in the episode.

Maria De Filippi, “I felt used”: what happened

“A gentleman showed up with some of his paintings: he wanted to show them on TV, but he pretended to have come in order to help an editor. I felt used ”, Maria had told the well-known newspaper. She explained that she noticed a certain bad faith in the man’s behavior and that she was unable to restrain herself.

Returning to the episode, needless to say that Salvatore’s performance did not convince the judges at all, especially Rudy Zerbi which blurted out when the artist compared himself to Sidney Pollock. What literally made the presenter lose his temper was the desire to make his performance appear as a gesture of kindness towards an editor. “I did it for her, I’m here for her,” he said.

At that point, De Filippi clearly said what she thought: “When you pretend that you don’t care that your paintings are seen on television, you make us seem like we are here wasting time”. She pointed out to him that it would be more honest to express an intention to be on TV. And then she felt sorry for the tone: “I’m sorry for the words I used, because I’m impulsive and I should work on it but that’s what I really think”. She then admitted that she still has a lot of work to do in analysis to be able to react more calmly to certain things.

Maria De Filippi sorry
Maria De Filippi breaks out on tv (Credits: Witty Tv)

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