“I can not hold back the tears”: the drama told by Cristiano Malgioglio

“I can’t hold back my tears”: the drama told by Cristiano Malgioglio; the background that not everyone knows.

An intense episode, that of Da Noi a Ruota Libera, broadcast on Sunday 15 November 2021. Host of the episode Christian Malgioglio, which in the studio of Francesca Fialdini was told with an open heart. From career to private life, the judge of Tale and Which Show has also revealed the details of one painful battle that he had to face.

Cristiano Malgioglio guest at Da Noi A Ruoto Libera (Source Raiplay)

“This touches my heart deeply”, explains Cristiano, visibly moved after a clip shown by the presenter. Below are the details of a background that not everyone knows.

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Cristiano Malgioglio: “I looked at myself in the mirror and I cried”, the drama told to From us freewheeling

A thrilling story, that of Cristiano Malgioglio in the Sunday broadcast by Francesca Fialdini broadcast on Rai Uno. The great lyricist told himself without filters, explaining that he had faced a painful battle against an illness. It is a melanoma, who discovered by chance, while putting the cream: “I saw a mole, but I didn’t like this mole. Prevention for melanoma is very important. ” Cristiano says that when he showed the doctors the mole, he was told that it had to be removed immediately and that it would be operated after a few days: “At that moment I went crazy, I was terrified. If two or three months had gone by, I would have had five months to live. You can’t imagine what that period was for me, everything disappeared in the morning I looked in the mirror and cried. “

Cristiano thanks the professor who saved his life, emphasizing once again the importance of prevention. In this regard, Cristiano remembers the death of Rossano Rubicondi: “A lot has been neglected.

(Source Raiplay)

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The singer-songwriter says that, when everything was over for the best, he accepted Big Brother’s proposal to start over. But the pain was strong: “I suffered a lot. I didn’t say anything to anyone, I only confided in Mara Venier. ” A touching interview, through which Cristiano sensitized the public on a really important topic. Have you followed the episode?