I Captain, great success for Garrone’s film screened at the European Parliament

Great success for the film I captain by Matteo Garrone screened at the European Parliament. Over six hundred spectators took part in the event organized in the presence of the director Matteo Garrone, Fofana Amara and Mamadou Kouassi (who are the original subjects of the story told by the film, as well as consultants for the film’s screenplay) and Paolo Del Brocco, administrator delegate of Rai Cinema.

The presentation of I am Captain it was held in the Spinelli 3G2 room of the European Parliament on 15 November. The screening of the film that won the Silver Lion at Venice 80 was followed by a debate.

The rise to success of Garrone’s latest film effort does not stop. Let us remember that, after the success at the Venice International Film Festival, it is also in the running for very important awards overseas.

In fact, let’s remember that I captain it is already nominated for best European film and best European director at the European Film Awards, and has also entered the running as the Italian candidate for best international film at the 96th edition of the Oscars.

Garrone: “This film is a document of contemporary history and I believe it touches consciences”

Matteo Garrone gave a heartfelt and important speech, even more exciting in a location like the European Parliament, a diplomatic and political headquarters of enormous authority.
The director has once again expressed his desire to offer a means to give voice to the dreams, projects, expectations, inclinations and objectives of migrants seeking to land on the Italian coasts.
“We tried to offer the public the chance to relive the experience of this odyssey. This film is a document of contemporary history and I believe it touches consciences”, declared Garrone at the end of the screening of his film.

Garrone, the production and the cast of the film are the protagonists of a long promotional process

A very important stage of the already very important (and long) promotional process that Garrone, together with the production and cast of the film, are conducting all over the world was held in Brussels.
Not just Parliament: the production team and the director have already stopped in, among others, Los Angeles and New York. They are also close to returning to North America and other European countries for special screenings of the film. On 14 October 2023 Garrone and the actors of the film were received by Pope Francis at Casa Santa Marta. Accompanying him to Santa Marta was Father Antonio Spadaro, who just last September had been appointed undersecretary of the Dicastery for Culture and Education.

I captain it also achieved enormous success overseas, where it was acclaimed by critics and well received by the public.
Matteo Garrone’s film is an Italian-Belgian co-production, Archimede with Rai Cinema and Tarantula with Pathé, Logical Content Ventures.