“I caught him instantly”: she lets everyone know that she has discovered her husband’s betrayal

The beloved TV face told his companions how he discovered her husband’s betrayal: “I caught him instantly”, what happened.

The ‘fear’ of every couple – even in the most close-knit and in love – is precisely the betrayal. There are always those who, for one reason or another, fear the arrival of a third person in their relationship who can upset all the balances created up to that moment.

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Although she was very much in love with her husband, the beloved TV presenter had to deal with his infidelity. To tell everything in the smallest detail, it was the direct interest of her. According to what we learn from her story, it would seem that the famous Italian face has discovered the betrayal of her husband, but who has forgiven him twice – just as an Italian actress would do. When she, however, she realized that “the wolf loses its fur but not the vice”, she has chosen to take a drastic decision: to terminate the marriage.

What he did to his companions is a rather detailed story, which reveals how the presenter discovered the betrayal. Let’s find out!

She found out about her husband’s betrayal: what happened

Married in 2012, the TV presenter chose to separate from her husband about 7 years after her wedding. To make her take this drastic decision, as we said, were several betrayals by her husband. “I forgave him twice, the third is enough”, has explained. On the other hand, the last time she was really sensational: he was caught in the act! To tell the whole dynamics of the facts, as mentioned a little while ago, was the person directly concerned, who immediately told her travel companions without too many mints.

After indulging in a rather ‘intimate’ confession, Patrizia Rossetti told her story, revealing that she had been betrayed. Of course, unfortunately she is not the only woman to have received this disappointment from her partner, but the story that the presenter gives really gives her goosebumps.

According to what we learn from her story, it would seem that Rossetti has begun to realize that something was wrong with her marriage back in 2018, returning from the victory in Beijing express together with Maria Teresa Ruta. She never imagined, however, that the situation would precipitate at any moment.

We do not know the dynamics of the facts, but it would seem that Patrizia Rossetti has discovered the betrayal of her husband catching him in the act. “I surprised him and found him with her”, he told the other tenants about the GF Vip, leaving them completely speechless. Despite the strong disappointment of the moment, however, the presenter said she had the strength to face them together and definitively close her marriage.

Who would be the lover?

“She wasn’t my friend, but she had known her for 30 years”, it is with these words that Patrizia Rossetti ‘introduces’ her husband’s lover to her tenants. Names and surnames, as we can clearly understand, have not been disclosed at all. However, the beloved TV presenter could not help but give some small beginning on the identity of the woman.

As reported by Samantha De Grenet during a very recent episode of Afternoon Five, it would seem that Rossetti has revealed to her traveling companions that her husband’s lover worked in the same workplace as her. Of course, she is not at all one of those faces that appear every day on TV and not even among those who work ‘behind the scenes’ of a program, but a woman who works at Mediaset and has a completely different job.

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Patrizia Rossetti. Credits: Mediaset Play

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