I Cesaroni are back, Antonello Fassari: “On set at Garbatella in June”

The actor of the cult series broadcast on Canale 5 until 2014: “But I don’t know much else, for now”

‘I Cesaroni’, the cult series broadcast on Canale 5 until 2014, is back which reached 8 million viewers on peak evenings. This was revealed by the actor Antonello Fassari in an interview with ‘la Repubblica’, who in the drama will return to take on the role of Cesare, Giulio’s brother. Filming should start next June at Garbatella: “‘I Cesaroni’ was a very strong phenomenon. But I don’t know much else, for now. The Spanish format we started with was perfect: we touched on themes such as assisted fertilization, the boy who it comes with a condom… Real things”, underlines the actor, recounting the enormous fame that the series had given him: “It was impressive – he says – With Max Tortora we said to ourselves, one goes down the street, one feels as if were the Beatles, then he goes home and eats alone in front of the majolica tiles. Total schizophrenia. There is the belief, which comes from social media, that entertainers are rich and happy, that a lot of visibility is a lot of profit.”

Nothing yet is known about the cast of the new ‘season’, what is certain is that Alessandra Mastronardi will not be there. The Neapolitan actress, who achieved celebrity with the character of Eva Cudicini in ‘I Cesaroni’, clarified in a recent interview that if the drama had restarted, she would not have been there: “The cycles close, she would not have It makes sense to bring back my character, who in the meantime should have become a grandmother”, Mastronardi told ‘Corriere della Sera’.