I Delitti del BarLume continues filming on the 11th season. In January on Sky and NOW

It is certainly one of the most followed Sky Original series ever. Certainly the longest-running, given that season number 11 will arrive next. In fact, in the last few days the filming of the new stories that we will see from next January exclusively on Sky and NOW is coming to an end in the Tuscan town of Follonica.

The wait to see the cast at work is therefore growing and, above all, the satisfaction of having chosen the Tuscan town as the filming location also transpires from the words of the mayor of Follonica Andrea Benini. “We are delighted that Follonica was chosen to shoot some scenes of this successful TV series – said the mayor –. The city has given its patronage and we have offered all our collaboration, with the fundamental support of the offices, to ensure that the filming goes in the best possible way. It is a way to make our city more and more known even through the small screen: a nice showcase for Follonica.”

Roan Johnson – who is also the creative producer of the stories – and Milena Cocozza will once again be directing. The cast is very confirmed with all the characters who have made “BarLume” famous: Filippo Timi as Massimo Viviani, Lucia Mascino as Inspector Fusco, Alessandro Benvenuti (Emo), Atos Davini (Pilade), Massimo Paganelli (Aldo), Marcello Marziali (Gino ) are the “old people”. And also Enrica Guidi (Tizi), Corrado Guzzanti (Paolo Pasquali) and Stefano Fresi (Beppe Battaglia). The screenplay is by Roan Johnson, Davide Lantieri, Ottavia Madeddu and Carlotta Massimi. In the next season, which will be made up of three new stories, there will also be two exceptional guests: the iconic Orietta Berti and the singer-songwriter Motta, returning to the set of the collection after last year’s participation.

One dead in a well, one at sea and one killed during a hunting trip: new summer, new troubles, but between laughter and brilliant intuitions our heroes will make it as always.

THE CRIMES OF THE BARLUME – The eleventh season coming soon exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW