“I did not feel it”: his participation in the GF Vip jumps, the reason

“I did not feel it”: his participation in the GF Vip is skipped; it was she who explained her reason through her Instagram channel.

Exactly one week is missing at the start of a new, highly anticipated edition of GF Vip. This is the 7th edition of the version of the reality show dedicated to famous people and the public can’t wait to find out who will be the new ‘Vippons’ of the house.

GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The names of the official competitors, this year, will be revealed only live, Monday 19 September 2022, as anticipated by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. At the moment, in fact, only two official competitors have been announced, Giovanni Ciacci and Wilma Goich, joined by Pamela Prati, who anticipated her participation in an interview with Chi. On the rest of the cast, however, endless clues and indiscretions have leaked. Looking forward to find out who will actually enter the House more spied on than tv, we tell you about those who surely will not. Surprisingly, in fact, the participation of a possible competitor has been skipped and it was she who explained why, through her Instgram channel. Here’s what she told her.

He will not be at GF Vip: his participation is missing, that’s why

From Antonino Spinalbese to Carolina Marconi, from Patrizia Rossetti to Ginevra Lamborghini. There are so many names of the alleged ‘Vippons’ who will populate the house of GF Vip from next Monday. To find out which of the rumors will be confirmed, however, we have to wait for the first live episode, scheduled for 19 September 2022. Direct where, certainly, there will not be one of the most prominent commentators at the moment.

Her participation in the Canale 5 reality show, at one point, was taken for granted and she herself confirmed that it was all true. What happened then? It was precisely to explain everything Patrizia Groppelli, through a post shared on his Instagram channel. A post in which the columnist revealed that he had spent a complicated summer: “My father had a major health problem which in addition to having destabilized me a lot, required a lot of my energy ”. Groppelli also explains that her beloved dog Aristotle had to undergo another operation.

The columnist points out that the rumors of his participation in the GF were true: after an initial hesitation in May, Patrizia had decided to accept in the summer, before her father’s conditions worsened. This prompted the columnist to reject Signorini’s proposal: “I haven’t felt it anymore, and I was very sorryevery choice involves pain, but I would never be forgiven for leave my family at a time when it is necessary to remain united and help each other ”.

Groppelli explains that entering the house without the right spirit would have been detrimental also for the other competitors: “I didn’t feel like taking my worries with me, at this moment yet. I can’t trade smiles with anyone. ” The columnist also expresses her regret for having put the production of the reality in difficulty and who had believed in her, “That’s how it went.”

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Patrizia Groppelli (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We can only send a big hug to Patrizia Groppelli, who we can follow as a commentator on Mattino Cinque. Our best wishes for everything to work out for the best.