“I did the GF Vip for money”: the former competitor reveals how much he earned

“I did the GF Vip for money”: the former competitor reveals how much he earned; an outspoken confession of him.

The adventure of the competitors continues in the most watched house on TV. The seventh edition of the GF Vip it is thrilling more and more viewers, who follow with affection the path of the ‘Vippons’ locked up within the walls of Cinecittà.

The cast of the GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Vipponi who, shortly, will welcome new competitors, who will come into play to replace the various competitors disqualified, withdrawn or eliminated following disciplinary measures. Waiting to find out who will enter the house, we are talking about someone who lived there for about a month, showing himself at 360 degrees. Bluntly, the former competitor spoke of his experience of him within the program of Alfonso Signorini, revealing that he had chose to participate for money. How much he earned? It was she who confessed it. Below, her words in detail.

The former contestant of the GF Vip confesses how much he has earned in the reality show

“I did it for the money, absolutely”. Without half measures and turns of words, Cristina Quaranta thus spoke of the reason that led her to participate in GF Vip 7. A guest at Verissimo, the former face of Non è la Rai explained that he had decided to enter the House for economic reasons.

The former tissue of Striscia la Notizia did not specify the amount received thanks to the reality show, but it is possible to get an idea with her words: “What I earn at Big Brother I would have earned by working at least a year and a half in the restaurant, so why not? ”. Restaurant where the former Vippo will return: without a doubt, the Quaranta has announced that she will return to be a waitress.

“And then I rested a bit, because in the last year, doing two jobs, in the morning at the shop and in the evening at the restaurant, I had little time to rest. I was really tired, very tired ”, Cristina confessed, but she specified that she, in the house, she rested physically but not mentally. “It was very heavy. Dealing with double agents and hypocrites, I can’t do it, it’s stronger than me ”, underlined the Quaranta, explaining the difficulties of forced and prolonged coexistence between many different people. In your opinion, in the end, who will triumph in the Canale 5 reality show?

gf vip competitor earned
Cristina Quaranta to Verissimo (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

“I believe Luca wins and I hope Luca wins. He is a true, genuine, very sweet guy. A boy who has been through a lot, he has a very tender look, he made me very tender. I had some disagreements with him, but as Romans we said everything to each other and we solved it ”. And you, do you agree with Cristina’s prediction? Will the former tronista of Men and Women Luca Salatino get on the top step of the podium?