“I didn’t see myself beautiful”: Jessica recounts a difficult moment in her past

“I didn’t see myself beautiful”: Jessica at Gf Vip, during the ‘Third Eye’ column, tells of a difficult moment in her past.

Big Brother Vip left on 13 September. It will not end in December, because the extension has been confirmed. The end is scheduled for March 14. What will happen in the house? Who stays and who abandons? We will find out in a few days.

Jessica tells Gf Vip, during the Third Eye column, a moment of her life (source: mediaset infinity)

Jessica Hailé Selassié is one of the contestants of the reality show. She is an Ethiopian princess who entered as the only competitor together with her two sisters, Lucrezia and Clarissa. A few weeks ago, they were split up and now everyone is playing on their own. The youngest, Clarissa, was eliminated a week ago. Jessica is much loved by the public, she is a simple girl and very protective of her sisters. Domenica was a guest of the ‘Third Eye’, the in-depth column organized by Giacomo Urtis, every Sunday. Here, the young woman told herself and talked about a difficult moment in her past.

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GF Vip, Jessica tells herself: “I didn’t see myself beautiful”, the difficult moment of her past

Jessica is the first of the three Haile Selassié sisters. It is much loved by the public for its simplicity. On Sunday, the princess was ‘guest’ of the Third Eye, an in-depth column organized by Giacomo Urtis.

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During this chat, the competitor has covered some salient features of her life, under the pressure of the questions of the others present. Jessica also told about a particular moment from her past. She explained that she did not live the school years well and that she was made fun of by her classmates.

Jessica and Lulù GF VIP
SOURCE mediaset infinity

I was alone, I was trying to deal with things alone even if I didn’t always succeed. When I had a problem my mom noticed it… I liked me, but I felt that I didn’t like others, in the sense that I was different. Every time someone approached me I thought it was a mockery, I didn’t see myself as beautiful “, said the princess. She said she always tried to see things in the positive and at some point her mom became her best friend. “Today you see me very happy, for four years I have not been, I was very overweight due to health problems .. only with my strength I was able to like it “.