“I didn’t think I would become a mother at my age”: the sweet announcement

The sweet announcement of the beloved cantate melts everyone’s heart: she is about to become a mother, the news fills us with joy, who we are talking about.

A real sweet announcement, the one the famous singer indulged in during an interview with Ok! Magazine. She will become a mother! And, as we can clearly understand, the news filled the hearts of joy not only to those directly concerned, but also to all their supporters.

The sweet announcement of the singer: she will become a mother. Photo Source: Instagram

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The news that would become big, it must be admitted, went around the web several months ago. When, with a sweet photo shared on her instagram account, the singer showed herself in the company of her partner. And with a nice baby bump on display. After months from the sweetest announcement, however, the magnificent interpreter could not help but return to the subject. And express your feelings about it. “It’s strange. I didn’t think it would happen at my age “, the singer said. Underlining, therefore, how life is as wonderful as it is surprising. Are you curious to know who we are talking about? Let’s find out everything together.

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The singer’s sweet announcement: “I’ll become a mother, it’s exciting”

A real magical moment, the one that the famous singer and her partner have been experiencing for several months now. Although very little is known about the date of birth and the sex of the baby, the news of the pregnancy has made its way around the web. And it made all their supporters explode with joy. Who are we talking about? Just her: Skin, beloved and formidable singer.

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To speak for the first time about pregnancy and her feelings about it, it was the direct interested in Ok! Magazine. It is on the pages of the newspaper that the singer revealed how exciting it is for her to become a mother at her age (she is 54, ed). And how this sweet event was totally unexpected for her. Two months to go. It’s exciting and I’m trying to do as much as possible now, so that I don’t do anything for a while when the baby is born “, the singer said.

sweet announcement
Photo Source: Instagram

We take this opportunity to offer Skin and his partner our sincere congratulations on the arrival of a new life.