“I don’t crash with plastic surgery”: the actress recounts her decision

The actress explains her decision regarding cosmetic surgery: “I don’t crash with surgery”, that’s what she thinks about it.

When you reach the age of 40 or 50, many people feel the need to resort to plastic surgery. There are those who do not hide it and those who do without saying it; there are those who make some adjustments to align a wrinkle and those who instead use it to remove some defects.

Actress, decision (credits: instagram)

Beauty is certainly a ‘quality’ that recurs. But not only those who have reached a certain age, younger people also use it. For example, Sophie Codegoni never hid that she had resorted to surgery. To Verissimo, during an episode in which she was present with Soleil Sorge, after the Gf Vip, she reported it. She explained that she had her breasts and lips redone but that she realized she was exaggerating: “I redid the breasts and lips. Then I was exaggerating and when you realize that you are ruining yourself then you stop. So I did the hyaluronidase, I took off my lips, and I only have my breasts remade”, He said. She, too, Soleil had made it known, speaking in the same episode, that she had regretted a retouching and had taken steps to remove it.

She and the former tronista said they were pro but apparently not all of them are or in any case they would not resort to some ‘intervention’. A beloved actress has always made it known that she does not want to resort to surgery, and therefore that she has never used it. A decision that you made explaining why.

“I don’t crash with plastic surgery”: the actress tells the reasons for her decision

Characters from the world of entertainment, cinema and television often resort to plastic surgery with greater consistency than unknown people. There are many who have made a small retouch, from the lips to the cheekbones, or to erase the wrinkles that have appeared over the years.

But not everyone thinks they can one day resort to some aesthetic retouching. One actress in particular has always said she doesn’t want to use surgery. Elena Sofia Ricci who is now 60 years old and is more and more beautiful and in great shape, he always said he didn’t want to change any part of his body because, he says, the more you fill your face the more it falls under the weight of gravity.

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The actress talks about surgery (credits: instagram)

I don’t crash with plastic surgery … I prefer to drop what little I have, a beautiful and charming 50-year-old can always be used, if I become a muppet I can no longer do anything “, he said. The actress who has an immense career behind her, with her 60 years continues to enchant with beauty and talent, and with her natural form.