“I drank and used drugs”: the Vippone lets himself go to a strong confession

I drank and used drugs ”: the Vippone lets himself go to the GF Vip to a strong confession: what he said.

The GF Vip it started almost two months ago and in this short time everything really happened. To capture attention was the question that saw Marco Bellavia at the center. The mental coach has decided to leave the game. He had talked about his mental health problems and had given his hand in hopes that someone would take it.

“I was using Droghe”: confession (credits: youtube)

Few people have been close to him. The other competitors showed only indifference and arrogance, so much so that the public clamored for measures. Measures that led to the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini and a flash televoting that saw the elimination of Giovanni Ciacci. Life in the house went on even if this discourse was often touched upon again, but many other dynamics were also brought to the fore.

We talked about the story of Pamela Prati, that of George and all the discussions that have interested viewers. A few days ago a competitor let himself go to a strong confession. Speaking with the other tearful roommates, she talked about her difficult past.

“I drank and used drugs”: the Vippone makes a strong confession about his past to GF Vip

Since the GF Vip started we have seen numerous twists and turns. In a few weeks there have been so many and some have left a bad taste in the mouth. Let’s talk about the issue that saw Marco Bellavia at the center. After his departure, life at home continued.

A few days ago Daniele Dal Moro had a moment of despair. Speaking to the other roommates, he made a difficult confession about her past. The Vippone said that he never wanted to weigh on others and always tried not to pity anyone. Over the years he has tried to improve everything he did: “I was messy, now I’m neat. I was drinking, I stopped drinking. I used drugs, I stopped using drugs “, he told in tears.

I used Vippo drugs
Confession of the Vippone (credits: youtube)

Daniele explained that it has been 8 difficult years and that now no one will give him that time back. He says that the person he has become is not who he was before, because everything he has lived has changed him: “I find it hard to laugh and joke with people I don’t know, because I’ve become very closed”. The competitor of the GF Vip let himself go to a strong confession about his past, telling of having used drugs and alcohol. He now he is out of it but he no longer feels like he was before.