“I feel really cool”: Arisa shows herself like this on social media

“I feel really cool”, Arisa writes on social media at the bottom of a shot in which she shows herself just like that.

Arisa she is always very busy but in the last year she has been even more so since we have also seen her in a completely different field. In fact, last year she participated in Dancing with the stars, paired with the dancer Vito Coppola. She surprised us in her performance of her, beautiful and elegant.

Arisa here she is (credits: instagram)

It was the couple who triumphed. Before that, she had been part of the body of Amici’s professors. And it is in her talent that we got to know her more not only from a professional but also a more personal point of view, when she interacted with the students. In the twenty-first edition since she was in Ballando, she was not among the professors but apparently the twists are around the corner and it would seem that this year there is the return of her.

Arisa should be among the teachers of the school in the twenty-second edition. There is no need to emphasize the fact that the public was pleasantly surprised when they discovered it, although it seems to be confirmed that some of the old professors could leave their posts and this is certainly not a pleasure. The singer has changed since the first time we saw her on the stage of the Sanremo Festival: do you remember her at the time of the song Sincerità? She had a completely different look. Today Arisa feels beautiful and admits it herself, she writes it for example in a post in which shared a series of photos showing himself just like that.

Arisa shows herself like this on social media: “I feel really cool”

Arisa has undergone a change in recent years, at least from the first time we saw her on the stage of the Sanremo Festival. When she brought the song Sincerity she showed herself with glasses and with a short hair and a less sensual look than today.

In recent years she has changed her hairstyle several times, we have seen her with short and long hair and with different colored hair. Her characteristic beauty has always caught the eye. For a few days she has been showing off with short blonde hair. Today the singer dares much more, she likes herself and she proves it by publishing shots that she had never shared before. In an old post she admitted it herself. She shared a series of photos in which she showed herself just like this:

arisa shows so
Arisa shows like this (credits: instagram)

In order: 1) I’m a cunt; 2) but I’m too cool; 3) why am I so cool today ?; 4) shit today I feel really cool; 5) not bad; 6) tuttoppost “, wrote in support of the images in which she appears with long hair, an accentuated but not too much make-up that gives her a lot and a tight black dress at the top and with a wider skirt. Arisa feels hot and she is for us too!