“I gave up my salary”: he says enough to work on television

He left his job on television in 2017 and today his life is totally different: he explained the reasons for his choice to Fanpage.

For many years we have seen her work as a journalist on the small screen, but at some point, after 23 years, she decided to change her life and dedicate herself to something else. A choice definitely against the tide, not easy to make, but which to date has proved to be right for her.

“I gave up my salary”: he said enough to work on television (Credits: Instagram)

“I didn’t want to be a slave to work anymore. I said enough and I quit. After all, what do you make of money if you don’t have time to spend it and are you always stressed? “, She says to the microphones of Fanpage the former face of Rai.

Yes, because this is where he worked for a long time also conducting the engine program, Pole Position. To the Tg1 instead she dealt with costume and society fashion and remained there for 7 years. A life of success and satisfaction, but which apparently did not make her feel fully happy and that she wanted to change drastically.

At the age of 47, the big turning point arrives for her: “I felt tied to a fixed position, to fixed commitments, to a boss who told me what to do”. She is Federica Balestrierinicknamed ‘the woman of engines’ at the time when she was in charge of Formula 1.

“I cried whole nights”: he said goodbye to work on television

Aware that it would have been an irrevocable decision, Balestrieri tells a Fanpage to have suffered a lot before taking that important step. She did not find great support from those around her, not even from her husband: “I needed her to tell me: ‘Yes, do it, I’ll be close to you’. But nothing, she didn’t want to take this responsibility “.

Despite everything, she decided to take that leap into the dark well aware that it would have forced her to give up. Live more but with less it has now become his philosophy of life. She resigned with a severance pay: “I have 21 years of contributions, which is the minimum to have a pension, once I reach the right age. But for 47 years, I had to reach 65 ”.

Initially she dedicated herself to volunteering at the Onlus Rescatti founded by her then, during a trip alone in India without a specific goal, she found her dimension. There she bought some fabrics and brought them to a tailor: they came up with trousers, a skirt, a jacket and a dress then multiplied by fifty pieces. Upon returning to Italy she managed to sell them and so she started her new business, first in flea markets and then with online commerce.

In September 2019, Balestrieri opened its e-commerce Dress more with less which was even more successful during the pandemic. But Federica is careful not to fall back into the same mechanisms that made her a prisoner in the past: “I have many opportunities for growth, but I say no to everyone, because I don’t want to rebuild that golden cage”.

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Credits: Instagram

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