“I had problems”: Gianluca Grignani tells his drama

“I had problems”: Gianluca Grignani tells his drama during the first episode of the fourth edition of Second Life.

The fourth edition of Second Life, program conceived and conducted by the author and journalist Gabriele Parpiglia. New intense interviews, during which the characters tell each other without filters, as they have never done before. Among these, too Gianluca Grignani.

Gianluca Grignani (Credits Instagram)

Appeared for the last time on TV last February, when he duet at the Ariston paired with Irama, the rocker talked about himself without filters, between career and private life. And there was no lack of reference to a very difficult time for him.

Gianluca Grignani tells about himself in Second Life: “I had problems”

A show that talks about rebirth could not fail to tell about him. Gianluca Grignani opened and exposed himself during the first episode of Second Life, Gabriele Parpiglia’s program broadcast on Real Time. The artist recounted his new life: “Today I am a virgin in a sense, I must be perfectly pure with myself. And today they are, as never before. “

A new chapter for the singer-songwriter, who has returned to making live music with a summer tour in which he returns to embrace his audience. On current music, however, Grignani had something to say: “Music today is in trouble. After Jesus Christ and the Beatles came the computer. And the music went back to the Middle Ages ”.

There was also talk of a period that, for Grignani, proved to be particularly hard, that of the beginning of the pandemic. In the months in which the ltotal ockdown, the artist did not have a good time. “I had some problems”, he limited himself to saying during the interview, without going into detail. But, today, the singer-songwriter has rediscovered his energy thanks to his stage, which he strongly missed during the pandemic: “That is my home now.” A really intense interview, the one starring Gianluca Grignani. And you have followed the first episode of Second Life?

gianluca grignani
Gianluca Grignani (Credits Instagram)

Second life, the guests of the next episodes

The one broadcast on Saturday 16 July was only the first of the three episodes of this season of Second Life. As Gabriele Parpiglia told us in an exclusive interview with Sologossip, we will listen to stories and anecdotes that the characters have never told before in front of the cameras. After Grignani, Georgette Polizzi and Rosalinda Cannavò, who talked about each other in the first episode, in the appointment of 23 July there will be Sonia Bruganelli, in a totally new version, the web creator Aurora Celli and Enrico Mecozzi, an artist who made his disability a strong point. The last episode, scheduled for Saturday 30 July, will be dedicated to Ivanhoe and Jaspe, father and son who have become famous on the web, and Matteo Cambi, the founder of the Guru brand.