“I have cellulite like everyone else, even acne”: Wanda Nara shows herself natural

Wanda Nara has decided to show herself naturally on social media: Argentina has revealed without hesitation that she has defects just like everyone else.

For a long time a symbol of an almost unattainable model of beauty, Wanda Nara He invariably drives the web crazy with his social shots that highlight his explosive curves and physique shaped by intense workouts in the gym.

Wanda Nara cellulite photo (Credits: Instagram)

With over 13 and a half million followers on Instagram, Mauro Icardi’s wife has always appeared at the height of her splendor both with her very expensive outfits and in costume or underwear. Impossible not to notice the complete absence of a thread of cellulite or a slight hint of stretch mark.

Those who are able to get noticed, however, are almost always targeted especially by the haters of the web and in fact Wanda Nara she has often found herself at the center of criticism, especially for the image with which she has always shown herself on social. According to some, the model, showgirl and sports attorney would exaggerate with too much perfection and the excessive use of filters in the photos. Controversies that have erupted several times over the years, especially with the ever-increasing importance that themes such as body shaming and the body positivity.

A few weeks ago, the South American blonde decided to silence everyone. How? Look what she did!

Wanda Nara, the natural shot: so the showgirl silences everyone

In a completely unexpected way, the former columnist of the GF Vip has decided to respond to the criticisms by publishing an Ig story in which he appears completely natural. This is a shot stolen by the paparazzi some time ago in which she is seen with a little cellulite and orange peel skin on the b side.

To accompany the image, however, he added an important message on body positivity. She turned to the many girls who admire her for her success and her physical shape: “Girls, if I’m so successful even so, I recommend you start eating pizzas without guilt”, began the Argentine. You then underlined a particular that is that no one publishes shots in which it is bad like, for example, she certainly did not share her images of when she had Covid and had a tried appearance on social networks.

Then Wanda admits: “I spend my time eating polenta, rice and pasta with butter, but they are not very instagrammable. I can assure you that I love every inch of my body. Yup! I have cellulite like everyone else, even acne, and in the summer you can see the regrowth because I take a break from dye but I’m real ”.

In short, Wanda Nara wanted to explain once and for all that like everyone she certainly has aesthetic imperfections, but obviously, just like everyone, she only posts the photos in which she looks best.

Natural Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara the whole truth (Credits: Instagram)

A reasoning that doesn’t make a turn, don’t you think?