“I have mental health problems”: the famous actor has decided to get help

After the violent episodes that have seen him protagonist in recent months, the actor announces that he wants to cure his mental health problems.

The press release released in recent days by the star of a very famous film saga of recent years left everyone speechless. Arrested more than once for several crimes, the actor has publicly stated that he suffers from mental problems.

Famous actor shock announcement (Credits: Pixabay)

He then explains that he has undertaken a psychotherapy course in order to return to a healthy life. Accused of physical and psychological abuse perpetrated for years against Tokata Iron Eyes, a girl now 18 years old, a restraining order was issued against him. In about a month he will then have to answer before the court of prosecution burglary in a house in Stamford, Vermont. The crime allegedly took place on May 1st and was proven by several videos from surveillance cameras. To make everything even more stunning is the reason that would have pushed the actor to a similar gesture: it seems that he has stolen alcohol.

In April, however, he was arrested for throwing a chair into a club hitting a woman in the head while a few weeks earlier he had been taken to prison for beating a man and snatching the microphone from a woman’s hands in a karaoke bar. From what we read in the press release, the 29-year-old artist would seem aware of seriousness of their conduct and serious about doing everything possible to heal the mental health problems he reveals to have.

The famous actor admits his mental health problems: the decision arrives

Author of these disconcerting behaviors is Ezra Millerthe star of the famous film saga entitled Fantastic Beasts in which the magician plays Credence Barebone and protagonist of the film The Flashwhich is expected to be released in 2023.

“After having recently gone through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I suffer from complex mental health problems and I have started treatment”, he declares in the statement released through the CNN. “I want to apologize to everyone I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the work necessary to return to a healthy, safe and productive phase of my life ”.

The decision to get help from experienced mental health professionals could save the fortunes of The Flash and if the treatment were to give positive results the Warner Bros he would schedule the film’s release for June next year. If, on the other hand, Ezra does not change his aggressive behavior, the producer could decide to distribute the film equally, excluding, however, the actor from any advertising to protect his name. The second alternative would instead be the complete cancellation of the film despite this costing well 200 million dollars.

mental health actor
Actor unexpected confession (Credits: Youtube)

He arrived in the cinema at the age of 15 in the 2008 film Afterschool, Miller was born in Wyckoff in 1992. His mother is a dancer while his father was vice president and managing director of Hyperion Books. He has two older sisters.