“I have never redone”: leaves everyone speechless with these statements

“I’ve never made up for it”: leaves everyone speechless with these statements; the confession of the beloved artist.

In a long interview with Il Corriere della Sera several months ago, one of the most complete and beloved artists of our show business told herself with an open heart. She talked about her relationship with her as time progresses, confessing to never have resorted to cosmetic surgery.

“I’ve never made up for it”: leaves everyone speechless with these statements; the confession of the beloved artist. (Credits Raiplay)

I’ve never redone anythingotherwise I wouldn’t be like that, ”he declared. Let’s find out in detail her words and why she decided to leave social networks.

“I’ve never redone”: the singer’s confession leaves everyone stunned

“Not having set my career on physicality helped me to face the passing of time”, these are the words of Loretta Goggi, who in an interview with Il Corriere della Sera revealed that she had never redone. “At the beginning with Alighiero Noschese I was already the old woman with a lumpy face. Now I have had white hair for three years. Before I used to dye myself dark, now I make the dark ones white, isn’t it the best? “

In the same interview, several months ago, Goggi also spoke of the decision to leave social media, which came following the insults received after participating in the Seat Music Awards: the artist performed on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Maledetta Primavera. Insults related to an alleged playback, but also to her look and her physical appearance. “Comments by a wickedness, an arrogance, a gratuitousness indescribable, such as to force my staff to delete some of them “, he wrote in the post in which he announced his farewell to social media. Even in that post she had firmly replied to the accusations that she had redone: “I challenge you to find scars on my face, near my ears or in my hair in this regard, I confess that I took a kilo though “.

A post in which he underlines, however, his happiness for having been there and for the recognition of a song that still excites entire generations.

loretta goggi
Loretta Goggi at Domenica In (Youtube Credits)

“The offenses didn’t hurt me, but the feelings of those people: envy, frustration”, he added in the interview with Il Corriere.