“I have no money but I’m happy”: after the farewell to TV, his life changed

I have no money but I am happy ”: after the farewell to TV his life has changed, what does the beloved character do today.

Television has changed over the years and over time the protagonists have often changed too. Every day new talents emerge in the fields of conducting, acting, comedy and so on. There was also the birth of new figures that did not exist before and the cancellation of others who no longer exist today.

Goodbye to TV (credits: instagram)

Many times it happens that a character who was previously active on television decides to move away and undertake a completely different life. Often, faced with change, one no longer feels able to express oneself. There are many who have decided to leave or put aside television. Just think of Cristina Quaranta, today a competitor of the GF Vip, who after working in Rai she changed her life. She has been working as a waitress for some time.

Another beloved character also decided long ago to move away from the small screen. Having experienced success and money, he is only now saying that he is comfortable with himself and that he is happy.

“I have no money but I’m happy”: after the farewell to TV, his life has now completely changed

He has not been present on television for some years. Before him he was very active and in his career, since he made his debut, he has had the opportunity to look out in many areas. He won The Island of the Famous and later The Big Brother Vip, just after the reality show on channel 5 he decided to do something else. In an interview with Il corriere della sera he explained that in his life he had everything he always dreamed of.

He had the money, the cars, the success, the covers, he lacked nothing, but he says, he didn’t sleep at night: “Now I don’t have money but I’m happy”explains Walter Nudo. In recent years he has experienced everything, he felt depression, bankruptcy, he no longer walked, he operated on his heart, he separated. After having tested everything, he has seen fit to put everything he has experienced at the disposal of others. With television he explains that he has closed unless he is offered roles other than those he was wearing until a few years ago.

goodbye to tv
Goodbye tv character (credits: instagram)

It has given me so much, but it is time to do more. There was no lack of proposals but that type of TV no longer interests me “, tells. However, if a proposal were to arrive more in line with what it wants to communicate, it would be different. Walter understood that he wanted to make himself available to others. There was a moment when he saw death with his eyes. In 2018 he had two strokes and underwent a heart operation. So on the spot he said to himself: “If it’s time to leave, have I done everything I wanted?”