“I have no money, but I’m happy”: what happened after the farewell to TV

He was the winner of several reality shows, but to date he says goodbye to TV: “I have no money but I’m happy”, he thus finds serenity

He has been a beloved face on the small and big screen for years. We found him in several television dramas and as a competitor in some of the most followed reality shows and from which he came out as the winner.

What happened after the farewell to TV: “I have no money but I’m happy”, today finds serenity again (Credits: Isntagram)

Although TV and the entertainment world in general was for him the greatest wish fulfilled, because it had allowed him to achieve fame and notoriety, at a certain point something changes. Thanks to his serious health condition that a couple of years ago forced him to ‘review and reorganize’ his life, the well-known actor today says: “I have no money, but I am happy“, what happened after his farewell to the T.v.

“I have no money but I’m happy”, after the farewell to TV her life changed

Today he is the author of a book, Life happens for you: a journey to discover Happiness, Walter Nudo is a beloved face in the entertainment world. In the fiction ‘Carabinieri’ he kept us glued to the screen, but we then found him competitor and winner of two reality shows, L’Isola Dei Famosi and Big Brother Vip, a serious setback makes the actor understand that happiness is not it was the one he had enjoyed up to that moment before.

2018 was a significant year for Walter Nudo as he found himself fighting death from two strokes and serious heart surgery. Since then, in the course of his filming, the actor has decided to take back his life. No longer entrusted to a screen, no longer the life that had given him the success he had earned up to that moment, no longer the vagueness of the ephemeral materiality of things, but the search for a happiness that would become the true essence of the life of he.

I have no money goodbye tv
Credits: Isntagram

In an interview with Il Corriere della Sera, Walter Nudo says: “I have no money, but I am happy“. Walter Nudo has chosen to no longer be the ‘character’ in the center of attention and in the spotlight. Despite the various television proposals, Walter Nudo has however chosen not to be part of that world anymore, says goodbye to TV. “If there was a proposal more in line with what I want to communicate now, it would be different“, Lets know. His interests today are different. He has dedicated himself to writing a book, and wants to offer his path of inner change also to those who need to find themselves, as he himself did.