“I have suffered so many humiliations”: the famous character tells it all

“I suffered a lot of humiliations”: the beloved character told everything in a long interview.

In view of his arrival in a new program in the role of host, the famous character gave an interview to the Weekly Today in which he told some anecdotes never revealed before. For years, as he explains, his character was considered uncomfortable, too far ahead of the times and for this reason he suffered so much humiliation.

“I suffered humiliations” (credits: instagram)

Because of my diversity, I have suffered so many humiliations “he said, also revealing when years ago in an episode of Domenica In he showed up with a bright shirt and they sent him to change: “It was a terrible shock “, He says. The beloved artist since he made his debut on television and in the world of music has had to face many difficulties. She says they were afraid of him but knew that sooner or later those doors would open wide.

There are those who pushed him, for example to change his shirt, and who instead helped him to emerge and be known as he is, without undergoing changes in his being.

The famous character tells everything for the first time: “I have suffered so many humiliations”

In an interview with the weekly Oggi he told of the many humiliations suffered in his career years, in particular referring to his entry into the world of television and entertainment. She explains that they were afraid of him but knew that sooner or later the doors would open wide.

She was dressed in bright and colorful clothes, an incredible mass of hair, wedges on her feet and makeup a la David Bowie and that is why her character was considered uncomfortable for a long time. Christian Malgioglio in view of the program that will see him at the helm, Mi casa es tu casa, format that will be aired in December on Rai 3, a revised version of Raffaella Carrà’s A tale begins, it was told in a long interview, revealing unpublished facts.

Cristiano revealed that he suffered so much humiliation due to his diversity, he also told an episode that happened on Sunday in: “Once I had to attend Domenica In and I arrived with a colorful shirt that singer Asha Puthli had given me. Corrado as soon as he saw me sent me to change. It was a terrible shock“.

suffered humiliation character
Character, unpublished story (credits: instagram)

During his career there have been many humiliations but there have also been those who have helped him to emerge and be known as he is. In fact, he revealed that he had to thank Massimo Giletti who wanted him at Casa Rai 1, to Carlo Conti for the Recommended and to Piero Chiambretti who invited him into his programs by making him do what he wanted, even the siren with a lot of tail , specific. Today Malgioglio is very much loved and soon, in December 2022 we will see him on Rai 3 conducting the new program, Mi casa es tu casa.