“I haven’t been on TV for 15 years”: after the illness he remained off the small screen

He has had an extraordinary career on TV, but since he suffered a health problem he has remained away from the small screen.

Everyone who is at least 30 remembers him as one of the most popular TV hosts. At some point, however, he stopped presenting programs to make only a few brief and rare appearances. Interviewed a few years ago by Republic TV he recounted the moment when his career was turned upside down.

“I haven’t been on TV for 15 years”: after the illness he remained out of the television world (Credits: Instagram)

He is Marco Columbro, famous face of the 90s, absent from television schedules for some time. At the time of the interview with Republic TV, it was already 15 years that he had not worked on the small screen. Yet, just as happened to Claudio Lippi, his career as a showman has been nothing short of dazzling.

Not many will remember it, but it all started in 1981, when Marco started dubbing the Five puppet. From then on, the doors of success opened for him: “I won 13 Telegatti, I went from one day to the next from being an emeritus unknown to having the press office of Canale 5 calling me and saying ‘ You have three journalists who come to your house tomorrow, then you have a photo shoot to do, ”he told Republic TV.

But what suddenly took him away from TV?

Marco Columbro remained off TV: what happened after the illness

Unfortunately in 2001 Columbro suffered a stroke while he was visiting a Tibetan monastery in Piedmont. “I was in a coma for 25 days, I remember that I passed out in a hotel and woke up after a month in a wheelchair in a rehabilitation center,” she said in the interview.

In addition to forcing him to a difficult rehabilitation, that episode also marked his career: “After the illness for television I died,” he says. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the theater, to his resort in Tuscany and to his company. Despite his long absence, viewers have always remembered him fondly: “People still stop me when he meets me and say: ‘Mr. Columbro, how is he? I saw it on television. ‘ And I answer: ‘But what do you smoke? I haven’t been on TV for 15 years’ ”.

stayed off the tv
Credits: Instagram

We bet that you too would like to see Marco on TV more often!