“I haven’t taken a vacation for four years”: the famous singer reveals the reason

“I haven’t taken a vacation for four years”, the famous singer explains why in an interview: that’s why girls ‘hate’ him

He quickly climbed the Italian music charts, becoming in recent years one of the most loved singers in the music scene. His participation in Friends she was certainly the forerunner towards success. In fact, it was from there that the famous singer managed to make himself known, to bring his voice to the small screen to become over time a voice we would never get tired of.

The singer hasn’t taken a vacation for 4 years (Credits: Instagram) Sologossip

To date, he is one of the most loved and followed musical faces on social media. After winning the bench for Amici, he immediately proved that he was a true marvel on the microphone and from there, victory in the evening in 2018 was guaranteed! In recent years he has worked hard, but in an interview he revealed: “I haven’t taken a vacation for 4 years” and explains why. Do you understand who we are talking about? Blond, blue eyes, has a passion for tattoos and sports a look that does not go unnoticed and creepy music, yes it’s him!

“I haven’t taken a vacation for 4 years”, the famous singer reveals in an interview why ‘his’ girls hate him!

If not him, who? The winner of Amici of the 2018 edition is really him, beloved Filippo Maria Fanti; better known by his stage name: Irama! The success on the small screen in Maria De Filippi’s talent show led him to conquer the Italian stages with her songs that literally bewitched us! The previous edition brought a different song to the Sanremo stage. with ‘Wherever you will be‘, the singer has shown that he knows how to juggle a vast musical repertoire.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera the famous singer told himself. To the microphones of the historic newspaper, he spoke about his past, about what he experienced as a kid, about mom and dad, and about his experience to friends as well as about his current career. “I grew up on the street a lot, I lived the world of neighborhoods for better or for worse. At the time, Monza felt like being in the movie The Warriors, a battle between the gangs. I had very bad experiences that shaped me. I even almost died, but I don’t want to talk about it“, Irama revealed during the interview.

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Irama: he reveals it in an interview (Credits: Instagram) Sologossip

On the other hand, he talked a lot about his musical career; in particular of the commitment and passion he puts into what has now become his work. He works with desire and passion, but this drives him to a rather frenetic pace that often doesn’t allow him to stop and enjoy the moment. So much so that he later revealed: “Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot of work; I haven’t taken a vacation for four years. At most I give myself four days off, in fact my girls have always hated me for it. We were going to the other side of the world and then after 96 hours I already had to leave“. In short, a short but intense escape for Irama who apparently can’t wait to give free rein to his creativity on the microphone every time. Just recently the artist debuted a new song, Ali, which seems to have already won millions of fans. And you, did you listen to it?