“I lock myself in a convent”: the famous showgirl had thought of really doing it

“I lock myself in a convent”, the famous showgirl tells what she had thought of doing.

In an interview with Il corriere della sera the showgirl told what she had thought of doing. Last year she experienced a moment of crisis and the idea of ​​being able to take the votes touched her heavily. The thought of her closing up in a convent and becoming a nun was very close since she, as she explained, she had also talked about it with her mother and with a priest.

It was apparently not an ephemeral idea. For some time this has been standing there, in her head and in her heart. But then she understood, she understood that this choice would be like an escape from difficulties: “It wouldn’t be fair, the right choice is to pray, help others, and be a practicing Catholic.”

As you told us, it has a very close link with faith and with its implementation. She explains to pray every evening and that every Sunday she hears the Angelus. This strong bond with faith is linked to her childhood because it is a gift that she reveals she has possessed since she was only a child: “I was always in church”.

“I shut myself up in a convent”: the famous showgirl says she really thought of doing it

The beloved showgirl has found love for a few months. Her boyfriend is about 15 years younger and is a Neapolitan entrepreneur. As she told her Il corriere, she is experiencing a magical moment with him, in fact she revealed: “It’s wonderful, it makes me dream, it calls me ‘my life’. We make love from morning to evening ”.

The first photo with the partner he posted on his instagram on August 6. Today, apparently, she is happy and even on a professional level everything is going smoothly. Indeed shortly Valeria Marini lands again on the small screen in the program Tale and what show, conducted by Carlo Conti. Well, the former gieffina in an old interview with Il corriere della sera, he said he thought he could take vows. An idea that touched her about a year ago when she was experiencing a moment of crisis.

Story of the showgirl (credits: youtube)

Valeria said she thought about it so much that she talked about it with her mother and a priest. As the thought of her became more alive there was another that then led her to choose her. She understood that she could not take the road to the convent because it would not have been right. Accepting her would have meant running away from difficulties and not facing the situation: “I thought about it a year ago, after so many difficulties. Then I realized that this cannot be an escape from difficulties ”. Now she has understood that the right choice is to pray, help others and be a practicing Catholic.