“I may not work anymore, but I’m bored”: his statements leave everyone stunned

He admitted to Corriere della Sera that he could afford not to work anymore, but he doesn’t stop because he is bored away from his office!

At the age of 30, he owns a company that had a good turnover last year 3.8 million euros and its name is now known to all Internet users. A heritage like his, acquired within two decades, would allow him to stop working and yet he does not even think about it. “I may not work anymore, but I do it because I like it,” he explains in an interview with al Corriere della Sera.

do not work is bored (Credits: Instagram)

“As soon as I put my nose out of the office, I go crazy: the world of work is full of runaways”, he tells the well-known newspaper. An admission that will make many eyes roll, but come to think of it, if he hadn’t had such a great passion for his business, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is.

For him it is not a job, but a love that has accompanied him since he was a child, when he lived in the province of Catania with his father a nurse and his housewife mother before moving to Milan where he took up a home in the City Life neighborhood. But what is our ‘mysterious’ character who has gained so much fame about? First of all, we anticipate that you surely know him and that at least once you will have resorted to his precious advice!

He could stop working but he can’t: his words leave you speechless

Let’s talk about Salvatore Aranzulla, IT expert and true salvation of many web bunglers. The very famous blogger who gives instructions on any topic that falls within the field of technology, you know?

To date, his website is the 23rd most followed in Italy and his company, Aranzulla srl, continues to grow visibly. On his stratospheric earnings, he explains: “50% comes from advertising, 25% from affiliate links to companies, the remaining 25% are the courses I do and the collaborations in which I am testimonial”.

And to think that he was only 11 years old when, thanks to a long cry in an appliance store where his parents had gone to buy an air conditioner, he convinced them to buy him a computer. The following year he discovered gaps in Google and Microsoft and so he came up with the idea of ​​starting a blog that would help people solve their technological doubts.

As you can easily imagine, Aranzulla’s life is almost completely absorbed by work. In this regard his girlfriend Sabrina ironically: “Let’s say I’m the only thing in his life that doesn’t fit in an Excel file.” The two have known each other since 2018 but initially there was not a great feeling: “She works in a bank, she is a concrete one, she said that the digital economy is inconsistent, that it could not generate value. To me, understand? ”, Jokes the blogger to the microphones of the Courier.

don't work anymore
Could afford not to work (Credits: Instagram)

What can I say, congratulations to this genius of the web!