“I need to leave”: he goes away from Men and Women and leaves everyone stunned

“I need to leave”: he goes away from Men and Women and leaves everyone stunned; she has decided to leave the program.

Men and women has only been back on the air for a few days, but the twists were not long in coming in the Maria De Filippi dating show. The first acquaintances have already started in the studio, but for some it is already time to say goodbye to the broadcast.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

An absolute protagonist of the program, with great surprise, has decided to leave the program. At the center of the study, he explained the reasons for his choice, which appears to be definitive. A real twist, arrived in the second episode of the new edition of Men and Women. If you are curious to find out what has happened, you are in the right place!

She has decided to leave Men and Women: the drastic decision of the lady

In today’s episode, September 21, of Men and Women we met the two new tronista, Lavinia and Federica. The episode, however, opened with the Over throne and, specifically, with the turbulent events of Davide. The knight is struggling with various acquaintances, but the drastic decision of one of the ladies changed everything.

It is about Will be, historical lady of the Over throne, who has decided to leave the program. The lady is dating Davide and has asked him to continue the acquaintance outside. In case of refusal of the knight, however, Sara will go away anyway. “I would like to live outside you, if you agree with me let’s get out of here, if not I, however it may be, I get out of here “revealed Sara.

A firm decision, that of the lady, who decided to put an end to her experience in the Canale 5 program. A decision that Davide interpreted, however, as blackmail and, for this reason, did not appear enthusiastic at the thought of leaving him. study together. The knight was attacked by everyone in the studio, including commentators, who pointed out that Davide should have seen this as a wonderful opportunity and not blackmail. At the end of a long discussion, Davide decides to continue dating with Sara with the cameras off, but the lady did not particularly like the knight’s hesitation. For this reason, Sara decides to leave the studio alone and not as a couple and, subsequently, will make a decision regarding her history with Davide.

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Sara del Trono Over (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

“So it’s bad, I don’t feel very happy with this situation. I still go out regardless, with him or without him, right now i need to leave. This broadcast has given me so many beautiful things, I have had a great time, I have learned a lot and I have grown a lot in all the time I have been here with you, “said Sara, who revealed that, for many reasons, now is the time to to leave. Our good luck for everything to Sara!