“I said enough and I quit”: after 23 years she left Rai and started selling items in the markets

He worked for Rai for over twenty years, but left the company: he tells Fanpage what he does now and the reasons for his choice.

After being a well-known face Rai for exactly 23 years, she decided that life was no longer for her: too many commitments, fast pace and very little time to enjoy the money earned.

“I said enough and I quit”: after 23 years he left Rai and started selling clothes in the flea markets (Credits: Instagram)

A truly drastic and certainly not easy choice, made in 2017 and that today the journalist Federica Balestrieri he tells in an interview with Fanpage. She was nicknamed the “woman of engines” because she followed and updated the public on the Formula 1 when he was at the helm of the program Pole Position.

Not only that: Balestrieri also worked on TG1 for 7 years dealing with the fashion, costume and society categories. An important place for her, which has given her so much satisfaction, yet at a certain point something started to creak inside her. Thus, in January 2017 has decided to resign and devote yourself to something else.

Why Federica Balestrieri left Rai: “I didn’t want to be a slave to work”

TO Fanpage the former RAI journalist said that initially her husband, Fabrizio Parisi, did not approve of her decision: “I needed her to tell me: ‘Yes, do it, I’ll be close to you’. But nothing, she didn’t want to take this responsibility. He was convinced that I would repent and blame him for giving me bad advice. It was a choice with no return ”.

Her father also did not share at the time, but she was evidently convinced of what she was about to do: “I left because I wanted to take back my life. Being free, relaxed, no longer a slave to work. So I said to myself, I give up a lot of money but I buy autonomy that is essential for me to be serene “, she explains to the microphones of Fanpage.

Thus, after having undertaken a voluntary activity at the Onlus Redeemthe founded by herself, the turning point has come. It happened on the occasion of a trip to India, where she bought some fabrics and took them to a tailor: “We made trousers, a skirt, a jacket and a dress. Four items, multiplied by fifty pieces in all “. She returned to Italy, she managed to sell them to some friends and she understood that she liked that job. Thus, she began to sell garments in flea markets and then adapted to the times with the arrival of e-commerce.

His Dress more with less, which opened in September 2019, was hugely successful during the pandemic. But Federica reveals: “I have many opportunities for growth, but I say no to everyone, because I don’t want to rebuild that golden cage, that prison where I am a hamster on a wheel”.

he left Rai
Credits: Instagram

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