“I said enough and I resigned”: his decision was ‘painful’, he left TG1

“I said enough and I resigned”: her decision was ‘painful’, she left TG1; the reasons for choosing her.

I no longer wanted to be a slave to work, I said enough and I quit. After all, you make money out of it if you don’t have time to spend it and you’re always stressed out ”. These are the words of the famous journalist, one of the most famous faces of Rai for 23 years, who, in 2017, he decided to change his life.

“I said enough and I resigned”: her decision was ‘painful’, she left TG1; the reasons for choosing her. (Youtube credits)

A decision born from the need to give up everything and get away from a life made up of fixed commitments. To tell the details of his choice it was she, interviewed by Fanpage.it.

He left TG1 forever: “I resigned”, the reasons

“Felt that if I had stayed any longer I would have wasted precious time. There was too much world to see, too many things to do. I felt tied to a permanent position, fixed commitments, to a boss who told me what to do “. This is the reason that pushed it Federica Balestrieria resign, in 2017, at the age of 47. The RAI journalist has been one of the leading faces for years, first in the sports field, then at the TG, where she also dealt with fashion and specials: “At a certain point I realized that I had done everything I could have done in Rai “.

At Fanpage, Balestrieri tells us that it was not easy to make this decision, which was a real choice of no return: “I cried whole nights, months of anguish”. Also because many did not approve of her decision, primarily in the family: “I won’t tell you how many told me I was crazy, my father got very angry”. The journalist, however, followed her path, deciding to regain possession of her freedom: “I said to myself I give up a lot of money to buy an autonomy that is essential to be peaceful.”

federica balestrieri
Federica Balestrieri (Instagram Credits)

Today, Federica Balestrieri runs a clothing e-commerce, “Dress more with less”, which opened in 2019. And which embodies her new philosophy of life, that of living more but with less. To read the complete Fanpage.it interview, click here.