“I saw Ilary…”: Adriana Volpe tells everyone how she found it

Adriana Volpe told everyone how she found Ilary Blasi: the words of the presenter leave little room for doubts.

It was the moment that so many were waiting for and it has finally arrived! A few months after his wedding with his partner, Alberto Matano is back with La Vita live. Its first episode was aired on Monday 5th September. And, for all the services that have been offered and for the many topics that have been addressed, we can confirm that this season’s debut has been stellar. Just think, we are talking about a good 19% share! Not a bad result, especially considering that it airs in the early afternoon!

Adriana Volpe on Ilary. Credits: Rai Play

After the part of La Vita in Diretta, Alberto Matano could not help but dedicate some time to gossip and all those gossip news that made this summer unforgettable. Among the many, it was inevitable to refer to the much talked about divorce between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti. A few months after the announcement of the end of their marriage, the two seem to be ready to sign the first papers. Given the latest rumor, however, there is a very serious possibility that not everything will go well.

In recent months, everything has really been said about Ilary Blasi! Talking now is Adriana Volpe, that at La Vita in Diretta she indulged in revelations that leave little room for doubts.

Adriana Volpe on Ilary Blasi: the live revelation is surprising, what she said

Great news for this season of La Vita live: after having ‘debuted’ as a columnist in the studio of GF Vip, Adriana Volpe returns to wear these clothes in Alberto Matano’s program! Great joy, therefore, for the presenter and for all of her admirers of her, who could not wait to see her again on the small screen.

For its first episode of La Vita in Diretta, it can be said that Adriana Volpe has already fired its ‘bomb’. Regarding the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, the columnist of Alberto Matano indulged in revelations that clearly make us understand how the Roman presenter is living this period of her life. Despite what one might believe, given her social activity, according to the words of the Fox it would seem that the presenter is quite tried. How to blame her, on the other hand! “I saw Ilary, even when she was working, very thin, very tried and very tense”, Adriana said on live TV. “I think they are trying not to let others see a situation that, in my opinion, is much more complex”, he said again. In short, according to the columnist, this strength that Ilary never ceases to show is nothing but ‘semblance’. Finally, on the hypothetical transfer of Blasi, La Volpe said: “Totti’s lawyer will intervene here, they will try to ensure that the children can see both mother and father. If there are, however, 400/500 km of distance, the thing is complicated ”.

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Study Life Live. Credits: Rai Play

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