“I see a lot of anxiety and suffering around me”: the actress displaces everyone

“I see anxiety and suffering around me”: the actress told herself in an interview revealing even if she is happy now.

The actress talked about herself in an interview with TV, Smiles and songs and talked about the character that we will soon see on the air on channel 5. With the autumn season we will be able to follow the new seasons of the programs and there will also be the arrival of new formats. The series in which she is the protagonist was supposed to air several months ago but the airing has been postponed.

“I see anxiety, suffering” (credits: instagram)

Now everything is ready, Mediaset has already made it known that after the summer break we will have the pleasure of following a new ‘adventure’. The actress in this interview talked about the character she plays and revealed, referring to herself, that she is fine now but as for her happiness it is very difficult to live it in a historical moment like this.

Around her she explains that she sees a lot of anxiety and a lot of suffering and all this touches her deeply: “I see a lot of general anxiety, a lot of suffering around me and this touches me deeply”he said.

The actress tells herself without fear: “I see anxiety and suffering around me”

Soon we will see the actress in the role of a new character, it is in fact ready to return to the scene with the autumn season. In the last year, the filming of a new television series has continued and she is in the cast playing the lead role.

In a recent interview on TV, Smiles and songs, he told a little about the character we will see on the air and that he now knows well since filming is over and he has fully experienced the emotions and sensations of the role he played. Francesca Chillemi will be Viola in the fiction Viola come il mare. Together with her there is also the Turkish actor Can Yaman. The actress plays the role of a journalist who returns to Sicily and thanks to the gift of ‘synaesthesia’ she is able to help Inspector Demir, played by Yaman. During the interview, Francesca explained that Viola is a very sensitive and sometimes fragile woman, naive but with great emotional openness: “She really cares about how others feel. So the first question he would ask me is: “Francesca how are you? Are you OK? You are happy?”.

I see actress suffering anxiety
Confession of the actress (credits: instagram)

The actress gave an answer to these questions, she confessed that she is fine now but as for happiness it is difficult to live it in this historical moment of chaos, with everything that happens: “I see a lot of general anxiety, a lot of suffering around me and this touches me deeply”, he told. This is a historic moment that touches everyone and she too the actress cannot feel fully happy now.

Her career, however, seems to be taking off more and more and soon we will see her in Viola con il mare but she will also return as Azzurra in Che God to help us 7, where her character will become more and more central.