“I suffered from depression after my divorce”: the bitter tale of the Hollywood star

The Hollywood star says she fell into the maelstrom of depression after her divorce: it happened while working on a movie.

It is not uncommon that after a breakup with your spouse you go through a phase of bewilderment and discomfort from which getting out seems really complicated. And if a job is carried out which, by its very definition, implies a great empathy and being face to face with certain emotions, the current crisis can amplify excessively.

“I suffered from depression after my divorce”: the sad tale of the Hollywood star (Instagram)

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It is the case of Nicole Kidman, famous Hollywood actress loved all over the world, who in an interview for the promotion of her latest film confessed to having suffered from depression after her divorce from Tom Cruise, which occurred about twenty years ago.

At the time, the beautiful Australian star was working on the film The Hours, in which he played the part of Virginia Woolf. That role required the actress to identify with pessimistic thinking e with suicidal tendencies.

Obviously, such negative emotions only exacerbated Kidman’s psychological condition. Let’s see what he told in detail to the microphones of the BBC Radio 4.

“I really got sick”: the Hollywood star talks about her fight against depression

Nicole Kidman revealed the sensations felt in the scene where the writer Woolf dies: “I don’t remember if I really thought about the danger of the situation, I was totally taken by the character. I put the stones in my pocket and walked towards the river. Once and then another and another. It obviously didn’t seem dangerous enough ”. It was as if reality and fiction had mixed together for her.

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That was not the only time such a mechanism was triggered. In fact, the star said that it also happened to her in the film The Undoing: “I got really sick and that’s one of the biggest consequences of acting. For a week my immune system refused to recognize the difference between acting and reality. “

Quite frankly and sincerely, Kidman admits, “I haven’t yet learned a technique that can teach my brain and body that it’s fictional, and I haven’t figured out how to get rid of it.”

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The divorce from Cruise, with whom she adopted two children, wasn’t the only episode that pushed her In the depression tunnel: it also happened with her second husband when, due to her infertility problems, she was unable to get pregnant.