“I thought: what if I make him sick?”: Maria De Filippi, the background that not everyone knows

During one of her interviews, Maria De Filippi let herself go to a background that few people know: would you ever have imagined?

Everyone knows and loves Maria De Filippi, yet we are sure that not everyone is aware of this background that the person directly concerned told in the course of an interview with the weekly Oggi.

Maria De Filippi tells a background that few know. Photo Source: Youtube

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Every day Maria De Filippi is present on the Italian small screen with her unmissable programs. Whether it is Men and Women, Friends, Tu si que vales and, shortly, There is mail for you, the TV presenter is a truly impressive success. And it manages to capture the attention of the Italian public in a real blink. Although, however, it is really loved and very popular, not everyone knows this background that the beloved backbone told during an interview with the weekly ‘Il corriere della sera’. A little less than a year ago, in fact, the presenter indulged in a long and unmissable interview. And it is on this occasion that in addition to talking about his programs and in which of these he recognizes himself most, he could not help but reveal what no one would ever have imagined revealed. Let’s find out his words together.

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Maria De Filippi, the background that very few know: would you ever have imagined it?

To The courier of the evening, Maria De Filippi she told herself like never before just over a year ago. Revealing, as we said previously, a background that in very little they know.

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We know very well that Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo, years ago, adopted a boy named Gabriele. To date, that 10-year-old boy has become a man. And, as also pointed out by those directly involved, the couple’s relationship with him is truly special. Apparently, however, it would seem that the fears at the beginning were not at all lacking in fears. “When I first met Gabriele he was 10 years old, I was as tense as a violin string, it was like going to an exam you can’t prepare for”, he told the pages of the newspaper. Continuing, then, to say: “I thought: what if I disgust him?”. In short, fears that each mother would have and would live, let’s face it. Over time, however, things have changed dramatically. And, to date, they are really very united.

De Filippi background
Photo Source: Youtube

Would you have ever imagined such a background?