I told you, an exclusive clip from the film with Valeria Golino and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

I told you, the second film directed by Ginevra Elkann, arrived in Italian cinemas on February 1st. The feature film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival. The original ensemble comedy sees a cast composed of Valeria Golino, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Danny Huston, Greta Scacchi, Andrea Rossi, Riccardo Scamarcio, Marisa Borini, Alba Rohrwacher and Sofia Panizzi.

The story and screenplay are by Chiara Barzini, Ilaria Bernardini and Elkann herself. The film is a production of THE APARTMENT, a company of the FREMANTLE group with RAI CINEMA in associated production with TENDERSTORIES and SMALL FORWARD PRODUCTIONS. In the exclusive clip, for the Sky TG24 website, which you can find at the head of the article, we witness the meeting between Gianna (Bruni Tedeschi), a fervent Catholic, and Pupa (Golino), a mature porn star, against the backdrop of a Rome overwhelmed by a suffocating

I told youthe plot of the movie

It’s a January weekend in Rome, when an anomalous heat wave takes over the city. Over the course of two days our protagonists are forced to face everything they have skilfully avoided in their lives, accustomed to using sex, food, drugs and even love as a way out. , now they can no longer escape, they must pass through the heat and be transformed by it, each with their own rhythm, each with their own voice

The words of Ginevra Elkann

“We know the world is warming. But we are so addicted to our lifestyles, so blinded by what surrounds us, that we can’t reverse course. We are stuck in a vortex. We know everything is wrong, but we are slaves. We ignore the truth in exchange for temporary happiness. Or at least that’s what I tried to do. During a hot Roman summer, where everything was melting around me, I wondered if the world would be like this forever, forever hot, yellow and dry. That’s when I felt the need to tell this story. That summer reminded me of the Bible with its natural disasters: apocalyptic visions, cricket invasions, wild animals and punished sinners. But who were these sinners? Those were the people I was interested in: sinners. I was interested in sin and why today, it is very often considered illness. “I told you so” is about this. It’s a weekend in Rome when he arrives a sudden heat wave. The film’s characters confront difficulties they have cleverly avoided facing their entire lives, whether it be food, sex, drugs, religion or plastic surgery. But now they can no longer escape. They are all so focused on their own problems and needs that they don’t see the world that is about to collapse next to them. They can only see themselves and not what is around them. And this is their tragedy. I chose to set the film in Rome because it is the “Eternal City” and has a sort of solemnity and universality that I feel is in tune with the themes of the film. This film was written during the pandemic, through endless zoom calls, in a mood undoubtedly influenced by fears that were unknown until then. It was made in a world that was changing, with masks and covid tests, full of new rules and regulations. “I Told You So” was a true journey, it comes from places of darkness, places of pain, places of love and places of hope.”