“I tried to kill a person”: shock confession of the well-known TV personality

Shocking confession of the famous face of the show who, at Corriere della Sera, revealed unpublished background of his private life.

He is one of the most beloved faces of Italian cinema and his career is studded with films made alongside directors and actors of the caliber of Alberto Sordi, Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio De Sica and many others. Including the unforgettable Federico Felliniknown on the set of 8 and 1/2.

Shocking Tale of a Famous Person (Credits: RaiPlay)

He spoke several times on TV about the late director and the great love that kept them clandestinely tied up for so many years and did so also during the recent interview granted to the Corriere della Sera. “I loved and I love Federico infinitely, for me it is as if he was still there. It’s inside me, ”she says even now.

Her original nature, sparkling and in a certain sense unsettling, made her beloved by the public who have always appreciated her even on the small screen. Precisely this uniqueness of her pushes her to always be sincere and frank. As has already happened in various TV programs, she admitted that their story ended just when Fellini decided to come out with her: “I was afraid of the everyday, which demeans a bit: ‘you spend too much, be careful …’ Our love was devoid of great advantages, but also of great disadvantages ”. In addition to this, you also revealed other interesting ones to the well-known newspaper unpublished background: to be left speechless!

The famous actress leaves everyone speechless: shock confession

You will certainly have understood that the well-known character is just the very nice Sandra Milo. In the interview, the very blonde actress talked, among other things, about her about her intimate life. Unlike a co-worker who recently revealed that he appreciates certain aspects of her life even more now that she is over 80, she admits that, at 89, she is no longer active under the sheets. due to lack of time. “I don’t practice it because I don’t have time. But sex without love doesn’t really interest me much. Love needs care and I don’t want second hand love, ”she said

He then said that he had received from Alfonso Signorini the proposal to participate in the seventh edition of GF Vip which will begin on Monday 19 September and which will certainly reserve many surprises. But unfortunately, Milo was forced to refuse: “Signorini proposed it to me, and I would also have gone. But I can’t due to age limits: next year I’ll be 90, and there was no one who wanted to insure me! ”.

There confession which, however, left everyone speechless regards a gesture that we would never have imagined: “I tried to kill a person. It was self defense, but extreme defense nonetheless. I am always opposed to violence, ”she said.

shock confession
Shocking background famous actress (Credits: RaiPlay)

Have you ever imagined a similar episode in the past of the lovely Sandra Milo?