“I wanted more children, but I couldn’t”: the Hollywood star tells it all

The famous Hollywood star tells the whole truth about his private life: “I wanted more children, but I couldn’t”, here are his words

She is one of the most loved actresses by the public. Her fame is international. Everyone knows her, but few knew this background related to her private life. The artist decided to tell the whole truth. For the first time she let herself go to some confessions that left everyone speechless.

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The Hollywood star tells himself for the first time: here are his words (Source: Pixabay)

The Hollywood star tells it all: his words

I wish I had more children, but I didn’t have the chance. I would have liked to have had ten children“, The Hollywood star tells the whole truth for the first time in her life. About her Yours career proceeds at full speed, a television series has recently been released on Amazon Prime that sees her as the protagonist. A famous magazine chose her as the cover woman of the next issue and she told herself in an interview that she touched on very intimate topics.

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For the first time in his life, in fact, the famous actress spoke of her desire for motherhood. The star confessed that she would have wanted many more children, even ten, as she says in the interview, but she couldn’t. Are you curious to know why? If so, we advise you to read the whole article. In addition to revealing the identity of the Hollywood star we are talking about, we also bring you the very very touching story of her.

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The famous actress Nicole Kidman was chosen by “Marie Claire Australia” for the cover of the new issue. During the photo shoot, the Hollywood star talked about herself, touching on issues never addressed before. The actress, in fact, spoke of her desire for motherhood, declaring: “I wish I had more children, but I couldn’t“. Kidman, in fact, has long struggled with infertility.


Kidman had four sons: the smallest are Faith and Sunday, born from the marriage with Keith Urban; while she with her ex-husband Tom Cruise she adopted two other children (now adults) Connor and Bella. “I love being a mother, I love children: they are funny and have no filters. But then you see them grow up and take their own path “said the actress.