“I wanted more children, I couldn’t”: now reveals the truth about his private life

I wanted more children, I couldn’t ”: the beloved actress is only now telling the truth about her private life.

He has decided to tell some ‘details’ of his private life confessing that he always wanted to have a large family. In the last few years alone, the actress has spoken openly about the loss of two children during pregnancy and the pain she experienced from miscarriages.

The beloved actress only now reveals the truth about her private life: “I would have wanted more children” (source instagram)

Over the years she has struggled with infertility and she wanted to talk about it, also confessing her difficulty in becoming a mother, a very painful issue that unites many women. She would have liked more children, but she is happy with the family she has managed to create.

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Only now does the actress reveal the truth about her private life: “I wanted more children, I couldn’t”

A very difficult confession came from the actress. She said that over the years she has had to struggle with infertility and the difficulty of becoming a mother.

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Nicole Kidman, Hollywood star, in a long interview with Marie Claire Australia in which she appears on the cover and which accompanies a beautiful photo shoot, she decided to talk about herself in the round and to reveal what she kept inside. The actress confessed that she always wanted to have more children: “I would have liked to have more children, I didn’t have the chance”. In the interview he confesses that he would have liked ten children.

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Kidman is a mother of four children. The youngest of her are Faith and Sunday, born from the marriage with Keith Urban, a marriage that she defined as ‘an absolute miracle’, while with her ex-husband Tom Cruise she adopted two other children, now adults, Connor and Bella. She only she in recent years she had talked about the loss of two children during pregnancy. The Hollywood star said there isn’t enough talk about the pain of having an abortion.

During this old interview she also confessed to being grateful for the family she owns, adding: “I love being a mother, I love children: they are funny and have no filters. But then you see them grow up and take their own path“. Nicole Kidman to Marie Claire Australia opened her heart and decided to tell about herself and to expose herself by revealing some truths about her private life.