“I was even afraid…”, the touching confession of Sonia Bruganelli

Sonia Bruganelli and her touching confession, the columnist of Big Brother Vip told everyone: “I was even afraid ..”

Former model, television producer, entrepreneur and wife of one of the most beloved television hosts. Sonia Bruganelli is certainly one of the faces currently in vogue. In particular because he plays the role of commentator in the current edition of GF Vip. A story that repeats itself because we had already seen Bruganelli sitting in that armchair in the past edition. And as always, she certainly does not send them to say.

Sonia Bruganelli, dramatic background (Credits: Youtube)

Wife and life partner of Paolo Bonolis, together since 1997, the two have built a wonderful family together. After getting married in 2002, they had three wonderful children: Silvia, Davide and Adele. Silvia, the eldest born with a heart problem, brought mom Sonia and dad Paolo to have to look at the world from another perspective to be able to protect their little girl from the ugliness of the world. The GF Vip columnist, in a previous interview with Today is another day, had told her story and had dedicated some very sweet words to her Silvia. But even before that occasion, the entrepreneur had opened her heart by telling of a very delicate moment in her life, thus making a touching confession. Here’s what she did know.

Sonia Bruganelli: “I was even afraid .. “, the touching confession

In an interview with Domenica In, Paolo Bonolis had told a very particular and very tender background dating back to the birth of his daughter Silvia and the death of her father. What happened shortly after her disappearance left Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli speechless. But the one that Sonia Bruganelli made some time ago as a guest on Domenica In is an even more touching confession.

Sonia Bruganelli thus opened her heart and the great baggage of memories of the first moments together with their little Silvia. The eldest born with heart problems underwent a delicate newborn surgery. Those moments were very difficult for the family. The surgery that little Silvia had undergone had caused her motor problems. The columnist said: “I saw her so small with all those tubes and I was afraid even to touch her, to breastfeed her. And then I felt guilty about it. We were afraid she couldn’t walk or move and instead she is 12 today and is a perfectly independent girl. A touching and very delicate confession that describes love but also the fear of being able to hurt her by seeing her so small and fragile. It was just to protect. And so in fact, mom and dad have always done trying to protect their little Silvia from every bad thing.