“I was inspired by Barbara D’Urso”: the famous actress displaces the audience

We will see her soon at the cinema and, to interpret her character, the beloved actress has confessed that she was inspired by Barbara D’Urso.

The craft ofactor it is not at all simple and this seems quite evident: stepping into someone else’s shoes, assuming expressions, attitudes, gestures and movements is absolutely not something that can be improvised and that everyone can do. Years of study and sacrifices are needed, accompanied by a natural talent that does not belong to anyone.

Film actress Barbara D’Urso (Credits: Instagram)

Even behind the less busy roles there is a painstaking work of deep identification with the personality of the character you approach. One of the first skills of those who choose this profession is certainly that of to observe: to bring feelings and emotions to the stage, one must in fact draw inspiration from one’s personal experiences but also from the reality that surrounds us.

This is exactly what a well-known actress did recently who we will soon find at the cinema as an interpreter of the film directed by Brando Quilici, The boy and the tiger. Filmed in Nepal, he sees the artist as a lay nun who runs an orphanage. Furthermore, we will see her in the episodic film by Edoardo Leo and Massimiliano Bruno, The best days. Here she is a gritty TV presenter: to better identify with her role, she revealed to I read to have drawn inspiration from Barbara D’Urso. Do you want to know who we are talking about?

Barbara D’Urso source of inspiration for the well-known actress

Given his talent, everyone is eager for the two films he stars to come out Claudia Gerini. Yes, we are talking about her, a splendid artist and beautiful woman among the most successful actresses in the Italian cinema scene. After winning the Miss Teenager beauty pageant at the age of 13, she began participating in TV commercials and her very first film in the 1980s. Stuff for the rich where he acted alongside Lino Banfi.

Then came the programs of Gianni Boncompagni Primadonna And It is not Raibut the huge success for her comes with the character of Jessica in the film Honeymoons from Carlo Verdone. Thanks to that film Claudia definitely takes off and today she is considered one of the best female performers in circulation.

The last projects of his extraordinary career are in fact the aforementioned films in which he had to step into the shoes of two very different characters. In the interview given to I readthe charming 50-year-old Roman said that The best days was inspired by the presenter of Afternoon Five. “I play a very fierce and ambitious TV presenter, for whose aggressive poses I was inspired a little by Barbara D’Urso”, he reveals.

Barbara D'Urso actress
Famous actress confession (Credits: Instagram)

Are you also very curious to find out what Gerini managed to do, inspired by the famous TV presenter?