“I Was Orphaned Very Early”: terrible drama of the famous character

During an interview with him on TV, the famous character recounted his terrible drama: “I was orphaned very soon”.

As well as that of Pamela Prati, the childhood of another famous TV personality was not at all easy. In the course of a very recent interview on TV, in fact, her beloved face made it known about the terrible drama lived when he was just a child. “I was orphaned very soon”, has explained.

Dramatic confession. Credits: Rai Play

Called on the famous Rai program to make her ‘podium of life’, the beloved TV personality told the host of the program who were the most important people in her life. And so, in addition to mentioning Fabrizio Frizzi for having been by his side at a moment in his life, the famous character explained to everyone how fundamental his cat Harry was, who unfortunately is no longer here today.

If Paris Hilton has proposed a screaming figure for those who manage to find her missing dog as a demonstration of how much she was attached to him, even the famous character could not help but explain the immense affection nurtured for his pet.

The famous character tells about the terrible drama he experienced: what happened to him

In telling who were the most important people in his life, the famous character could not help but tell his terrible drama. It is a revelation that really brings goosebumps and that makes it clear how much suffering the beloved TV face had to endure when he was just a child.

“I lost both parents very soon, I am an only child and I had to make a choice: either I was looking for a family or I was becoming my own family”, Paolo Fox told Marco Liorni in Italia Sì !, specifying that he had chosen option B. In fact, the beloved TV astrologer had a splendid relationship with his cat Harry. “He was a reference for me, he selected people when he entered. When someone didn’t like him he would turn around and I understood that that person was not adequate “, explained to the landlord.

terrible drama
Paolo Fox. Credits: Rai Play

Paolo Fox admitted that he is not used to talking about himself, but did you know this drama lived as a child?