“I was struggling to walk”: the presenter’s confession on the disease that she was diagnosed with a few years ago

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“I was struggling to walk”: the presenter spoke in an interview of the disease that was diagnosed a few years ago.

It is not always easy for characters from the world of entertainment to tell the public about themselves. Someone always tries to keep the private sphere apart from the public one and tends to reveal only some personal things. But even in this case he doesn’t always succeed, because the gossip most of the time revolves around him until old background stories from the past come to the surface.

“I was struggling to walk” (credits: mediaset play)

There are many who do it without problems, this is also a way to get known by the fans. It often happens that a previously beloved character decides to move away from television. Behind this choice there may be an important reason or even a decision made to change one’s life. One of the most beloved hosts, who in the past had a leading role on the small screen, has stepped away from the show in recent years.

In recent months we have seen his return and he has been very welcome. But behind his previous choice to leave there is an important reason. She was diagnosed with a disease called Lyme disease, which caused her many problems and among them the difficulty of walking.

“I was struggling to walk”: the presenter’s revelation about the disease that she was diagnosed with a few years ago

In an interview with Verissimo the presenter returned to talk about the disease that was diagnosed years ago, Lyme disease. Victoria Cabello who in recent months has returned to television after a heavy absence, has decided to retrace what she experienced.

To Silvia Toffanin he told that when he contracted it he started to have cognitive and motor problems and had great difficulty in movement: I was semi-paralysed, I didn’t move, it was hard to walk”. She said that she was diagnosed in a year and a half and that in those months she was told many things, even that she was crazy. She had to face a long and very tiring journey but today she admits that she is fine.

I was struggling to walk conductor
Confession of the presenter (credits: mediaset play)

His return to TV arrived in Beijing Express where he participated in pairs with Paride Vitale forming the Pazzeschi. Their spontaneity and irony conquered the public and already after the first episodes they were among the favourites. It was they who triumphed by beating Mom and Daughter, a couple formed by Natasha Stefanenko and Sasha Sabbioni. In the interview with Verissimo you spoke of this experience confessing that she threw herself into a very physically tiring program and that she did it to prove to herself that she could do it: “I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it because when you have an illness you don’t trust your body so much anymore, you are afraid that there are some symptoms around the corner“.