“I was unjustly accused by Scarantino, he was a victim like us”

(by Elvira Terranova) – “Vincenzo Scarantino says that he is still sick today from the false accusations against us and that he lives with remorse? I too am sick, indeed, very bad. But today, this person almost makes me tender. Unfortunately, Scarantino is a victim. Like us…”. To speak, in an exclusive interview with Adnkronos, is Gaetano Murana, the former garbage man from Palermo who spent 18 years in prison as an innocent man, falsely accused by the former repentant Vincenzo Scarantino of the via D’Amelio massacre. Last night, in the broadcast ‘Non è l’Arena’, Vincenzo Scarantino said: “Remorse for the false accusations eats my heart”. Even Murana, who hasn’t found a job since his release, has seen the show hosted by Massimo Giletti. “Do you know what the truth is?” he says today. “That that man almost made me tender. I repeat, unfortunately he too was a victim. Like us, innocent like us, what he experienced, I experienced it on my own skin…”.

Gaetano ‘Tanino’ Murana is now a 64-year-old man. He was arrested on July 18, 1994, accused of having been part of the commando that killed, on July 19, 1992, the judge Paolo Borsellino and five agents of the escort. Murana spent 18 years in prison. All his youth. From innocent. His son was just one year old when he was arrested. He was employed at Amia, the former environmental hygiene company in Palermo, today Rap. But after his release, even if he was innocent, no one wanted to give him a job.

“Vincenzo Scarantino is a poor unfortunate man – says Murana today – I feel sorry for him”. Then he adds: “You know, I don’t hate anyone. I continue to suffer in silence”. And he adds: “I’m tired and disappointed in life.” Today he has to take care of his wife, who is very sick. And he has no salary. He has never received compensation.

He said he was beaten in prison

Murana ended up in handcuffs with the accusation of having acted as a relay, on a moped, on the morning of July 19, 1992, to the Fiat 126 stuffed with TNT of the via D’Amelio massacre. After the arrest, Murana answered the interrogation conducted by Ilda Boccassini. He didn’t understand, he thought it was a mistake. And he thought he was going home. But the magistrate, when asked by Murana if he could go home, replied: “Murana, unfortunately there are ongoing investigations, he has to sit in his cell”. He will spend 18 long years in prison, some of which in the maximum security prison of Pianosa, where he was allegedly beaten several times.